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End of Love, Gisel Idol Still Disappointed

Loss of love interwoven Gisel Idol with Desta has indeed occurred some time ago. But seems Gisel Idol still remembered the memory of former drummer's Club Eighties.

"It's more because there are differences, especially on religion and age differences that far. Perhaps the difference in age does not matter to me, but not so with the family," said Gisel Idol tells us why dispersed by Desta when met at the Hard Rock Cafe, Jakarta, Thursday.

Although ultimately Gisel Idol family to the wishes of both parties who disagree with the end of Desta, but their relationship which has been running about a year so it still made an impression in her heart.

"Still disappointed though, but so be it, from two family parties did not agree. For me, family is also important. If not, definitely not good to do it. Moreover, I am an only child, otherwise I both parents can be a headache," she said.

And although the claim is still remembered, but Gisel Idol had no wish to fight for the continuation of its relationship with Desta would consider this an honest and good. The reason, she did not want to continue to fuss with her parents.

"From the beginning was fight and be optimistic. Who knows with the same time parents can fade and understand if we are serious and not playing games. But there is no change. Yes how again, her name is also a child. We've tried, but I every day would not fuss with their parents or extended family. Every day we argued, "added Gisel Idol .

But that does not mean Gisel Idol and Desta off communication altogether. "Communication is good, but limiting. If it is not restricted to fear-soluble berarut continue.'ll not finished. He also understood why and did not impose a decision, he's really good," she concluded.