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Melody Prima

Melody Prima

Melody Prima

Melody Prima
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Melody Prima Decide Boyfriend To Careers

Heart action done pretty singer Melody Prima. Because wanted to concentrate on singing, boyfriend was disconnected in the middle of the road. Fortunately, her boyfriend understood the decision.

Consequently, the virgin birth of January 18, 1995 is free from the 'shackles' love affair. Once admitted to the when encountered recently in Kemang, South Jakarta.

"Not going out again for fear of impaired concentration. For example, a fight with a boyfriend.'s why my boyfriend had decided the time was right to sign contracts. Incidentally in can understand this situation," she said.

Recognized in spite of bitter pain, but this step was taken because Melody Prima really want to get serious in singing field.

"Want hell back down the release of Albums but if ya can not find a better longer. Anyway she also had a successor now," she continued.

To note Melody Prima is one of the singers involved in the compilation album NEVER LOST FRIENDS. Making an album she has actually running but because of compilation albums aimed at raising money for disaster victims, the Melody Prima relented.

"Maybe New Albums release next year. Now this is much more unfortunate that focused on helping people who suffer first,"added the owner could no longer hit single this.