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Foto Artis Laudya Chintya Bella "Cute Face"

Laudya Chintya Bella

Laudya Chintya Bella

Laudya Chintya Bella

Laudya Chintya Bella

Laudya Chintya Bella Not Want to Be Directed

Suppose there is a wide screen movie project done Cathy, Laudya Chintya Bella want to be a player because she is quite exciting to work with Cathy Sharon. Their friendship was mutually beneficial at this time.

"Yes, yesterday I said, if you want to the big screen should I play, because it really exciting," Bella said when met in the waiting room where filming Cinere GIRL at Villa Mas.

Laudya Chintya Bella
claimed not want to be a director in the near future. She said too many things to think about by a director and she's not ready to do so.

"Not so, because the dizziness really have a lot of thinking about, it will be stressed. So for the behind the scenes later," she said.

Besides the element of friendship other things that interest Laudya Chintya Bella is the character Hana. So far she has never played a casual girl character like Hannah.

"Because I've never playing the character of Hana, which is like a girl in a relaxed, and blind because I have never,"added Laudya Chintya Bella.