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Shinta Bachir

Shinta Bachir

Shinta Bachir

Shinta Bachir

Shinta Bachir

Shinta Bachir
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Shinta Bachir Sing Challenged

Movie star and actress Shinta Bachir (24), which has succeeded in two horror films, is now testing the world of drag votes. As a new singer, the sexy girl was admitted there is a new challenge and a chance.

Shinta Bachir has long wanted to try singing world. About the character voices, Shinta Bachir claimed not to know peculiar in singing.

However, after one single song titled "Make Money" began airing on television and radio, single girl born in Wonosobo, Central Java, is aware she has a sound character suited to jazz, pop and dangdut.

"But, if you want to change the character of the voice singing it, I have to exercise first let cengkoknya fitting and hearing are also delicious. But, for the first single I could sing the song kind of pop mixed R & B. The word coach my vocal, for while I'm best suited for the song types that , "said Shinta Bachir encountered in Menteng, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (05/04/2010) afternoon.

Since a model in Central Java and Jakarta continues to be an ad model and the main patron, Shinta Bachir said the world of film and voice prompted him to pull more diligently explore the field of entertainment. She realized to undergo the film world and will sing at the same weight.

Therefore, initially Shinta Bachir received offers to play movies. The film has ever starred in was Sister shampoo and fangs. Although the two films that he became famous for his willing to portray scenes of hot and sensual dress, Shinta Bachir felt there were other worlds that challenge, that is singing.

Confident choice in the world of drag votes are correct, Shinta Bachir said it would be more serious singing. However, she did not deny if it is still great interest in the film world. For Shinta Bachir, two areas that have different challenges, but she could enjoy it.

"If I had been hope become singer. It's just, I received a professional according to the contract. So, why do I sing because it has only recently been bound into two contracts to play the movie. Well, now if there is a request to play the movie might not be received because binding was still singing contract. So, I still want to be serious at first to sing out, "said the girl who had just become a model image of a men's magazine today.