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Foto Belahan Dada Artis Susan Bachtiar

Susan Bachtiar Biography :

Susan Meilani Bachtiar or popular with the name Susan Bachtiar, born in Jakarta, May 2, 1973. She is known as a presenter, former model and star of the ad. Her career as a star begins with the selection cover girl for fashion magazines and won first prize.

Since then Susan Bachtiar's face, began to decorate the pages of numerous magazines, and television. She also had the opportunity to bring the quiz show that aired Indosiar Galileo and the Catholic religion a spiritual event

In addition, graduates Unika Atmajaya Jakarta English major, was also used to carry Putri Indonesia ceremony with Ferdi Hasan.

Susan Bachtiar herself is Sunardi Supangat wife, who married her on 11 November 2000

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Susan Bachtiar

Susan Bachtiar

Susan Bachtiar

Susan Bachtiar

Susan Bachtiar So Special Envoy Heart

Beautiful artist Susan Bachtiar was busy campaigning for the problem of heart disease. She shares tips and knowledge about the number one killer disease in Indonesia. According to him, one of the causes are lifestyle factors.

"Today I give the knowledge about heart disease because the disease is the number one cause of death in Indonesia and found that female smokers is higher than men especially lifestyle factors are also very influential," said Susan Bachtiar in the event of heart disease at the Mandarin Hotel, Jakarta Centre on Wednesday (2 / 5).

Susan Bachtiar is in sight as an ambassador for fighting the disease become more aware of all heart disease in particular. "With my appointed as an ambassador, I was so aware, I want to be a doctor from when I was a child let alone a family is very concerned with health," said the wife of Sunardi Supangat always exchanging ideas with the deceased daddy.

"We also exchanged ideas let alone my late father died of diabetes," added Susan Bachtiar.

Although he was chosen as an ambassador, Susan Bachtiar had never felt it to be a burden to him.

"Not really because here I often provide the knowledge for others. I always bring food from home but have to look for vegetables," she said.